Trade Policies

In 2014, Georgia’s total international trade turnover was USD 11.4 Billion, an increase of 78% since 2007. This success contributed to Georgia’s more active role in the global economy and its considerable growth in FDI since 2004. 

To protect investors and to enhance Georgia’s role as an investment destination, it has established bilateral treaties on investment promotion and protection with 32 countries and has concluded double taxation treaties with 31 countries across the globe. 

Georgia’s Customs Code is on par with European standards and has streamlined its Customs procedures to simplify the import and export process. Highlights of the Customs tariffs are:

  • Low import tariffs (90% of goods are free from import tariff)
  • Few export/import licenses and permits
  • No quantitative restrictions on import and export
  • No customs tariff on export and re-export
  • No VAT on export
  • Simplified export and import procedures

Competitive Trade Regimes – Highlights                                                                        

  • Free Trade Regime – with CIS countries and Turkey (since November 1, 2008)
  • Most Favored Nation Regime (MFN) – with World Trade Organization (WTO) member countries
  • Preferential Regime (GSP) – with USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Norway
  • Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the EU since June 2014.