Business Environment

Georgian industry is very entrepreneurial and highly motivated to develop rapidly.  

As industries in Georgia develop, firms and investors are looking for opportunities to capitalize on. The combination of dynamic economic growth, pro-business legislation and tax code, a strong legal framework to protect investors and an educated and skilled workforce presents a solid platform for successful business in Georgia.

Georgia has been rated as the world's one of the best countries for doing business on the basis of its business infrastructure, financial, legal and professional services, and its low and simple tax system. The World Bank and IFCs Doing Business report have demonstrated Georgia’s potential as one of the best destinations for investors: it has been ranked three years in a row number one for registering property.

Investors will find Georgia’s natural advantages – in both the country and its workforce – a reliable asset in establishing its operations and implementing its strategies. Georgia’s liberal labor code reduces labor costs and guarantees that investors will have the flexibility to grow its human resources base as its business needs expand.

Georgia's Natural Advantages

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Proactive & Open Business Climate
  • Strategic Location
  • Educated Work Force
  • Proven Track Record
  • Quality Infrastructure



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