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Altcom Construction B.V. - New member


Altcom Construction B.V. is modern fast developing group, based in Netherlands with the purpose of implementing international infrastructural projects in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe. For example, recently they have started our projects in India to explore the promising market in the country. The main principles of their work are high professionalism, responsibility before each client and reliability of guaranteed result.

As a part of Ukraine’s preparation for the Euro 2012 Championship, Altcom’s specialists implemented a number of large-scale projects aimed at developing sports and transport infrastructure. Internationally the company completed a road bridge construction over the Amu Darya, the largest river in Central Asia between the towns of Atamurat and Kirkichi, which is a project of great importance for the economy of Turkmenistan. They also are constructing a paved runway and centralised aircraft refuelling system at Dashoguz airport, two railway bridges in Atamurat-Imamnazar, road and railway bridges in Turkmenabat-Farap in Turkmenistan and rehabitation of expressway No.1 Rumaila – Basra & Safwan in Iraq.

The successful performance of their company is explained by their vast experience and highly professional staff, as well as one of the largest specialist equipment fleet in Europe, and Altcom’s own production facilities. They rely on the application of high quality materials and advanced technologies.

Their specialists at Altcom Construction B.V. carry out a full range of work in the field of construction, reconstruction and repair of roads, motorways, various types of bridges, overpasses and flyovers; as well as carrying out coast protection and excavation works.

At Altcom Construction B.V. they have a large specialized equipment fleet with production facilities for wide range of construction works.

The market globalization, abrupt strengthening of rivalry, company’s participation in large national and international programmes realization predetermines the main purpose which company puts before itself in quality sphere. This occupation of leader position in building market secto, orientation on the consumer, on the satisfaction of his equitable demands and expectations on the highest level. The achievement of this strategic goal implements due to the introduction of sci-tech progress in all company activity spheres. System of quality management is introduced in company and it is functioning and developing, that is affirmed by international sertificates of accordance. The enhancement of quality management system fecundity is reached for account of constant monitoring helding and initiation of special correcting and anticipative measures. Providing of opponent level of works quality, services and materials is strategic direction of the company for reaching a leading positions.

The main purpose of Altcom Construction B.V. activity is strengthening of its position on the Ukrainian market in the role of responsible and reliable partner, and also maximal satisfcation of needs and expectations of their clients. They propose complex set of works comprising extraction, conversion and production of raw and different materials, and also planning and building of industrial, civil, energetic objects and roads with different level of complexity. In their work they are guided by 4 main rules, which are – professionalism, preciseness, effectiveness and responsibility. Each of the principles mentioned above is realised in work of every separate assistant and in the activity of all aggregate of the enterprise.

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