Analyses and market studies

Realising analyses and market studies is time-consuming and demands a true knowledge of a market,

that is why the CCIFG is the right choice !

Our dynamic and motivated team is your solution to get a reliable and affordable study.


  • The Chamber has been evolving on the Georgian market for many years now and is surronded by businessmen of different sectors of activity. This way we have access to a large network of contacts that are allowing us to know the best practices and to have a global and up to date market knowledge.


  • Some of our members and of our team have been present on the Georgian market for more than 20 years. Among them, our President Mr. Antoine Bardon. He saw the market evolution, know perfectly well its mecanisms and can identify the potential market opportunities. Thus the CCIFG team is able to deliver an analysis taking into account the cultural differences that should be absolutely respected to start a project in Georgia.


  • The Chamber is providing a dynamic and motivated team that is mastering the knowledge needed for such a task and that is available for all your questions. The team is speaking French, Georgian, English, Russian, all the languages required to make the bridge between you and locals.
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