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Controller's identity 

46 Avenue de la Grande Armée
CS 50071
75858 Paris Cedex 17


Represented by  Charles Maridor in its quality of General Delegate. 

For any questions or requests linked to your personnal data or to the respect of your private life, please contact us to the following address:


What type of data are we collecting and why ?

Data that you are giving us

Forms to create your account to the private space: 

Email : Your email address will be your user name to access your private space. Moreover it will allow us to contact you and send you our newsletter if you wish to. Indeed we will solicit you by mail only if you gave us your permition. For exemple by subsrcibing to the newsletter. 

Civility, Name/First name, Country, Current position : These fields will help us to know more about you and to prepare personalised communication. In the forms, these fields are not compulsory to create your private access. You are free not to fill them if you do not wish.

Forms to change your profile in the private space:

Language spoken:  This information allow us to know in which language we can send our communications. 

Sectors of activity & Centers of interest: This information allow us to know you centers of interest in order to send you sectorial newsletters adapted to your daily issues and to issues likely to answer your needs. We will send sectorial newsletter only if you subscribe to it. 

Pictures: The choice to drop off a picture is a functionnality reserved to the Chamber's members if they wish to be part of the members' directory as contact and if they would like to participate in the plateform linking people.  

Submition of application and CV's form:

The data that you are filling in this forms may potentially be transfered to companies if your profil corresponds to their need. 

Professional status: This criteria allows us to evaluate your availibility if we have job offers matching your profil in companies with an urgent need. 

You experience, softwares mastered and CV: This information allow us to determine if your professional experiences are matching the offers proposed by the companies of our network. 

Your current salary, minimum and maxium your are looking for: This information will allow the company interested by your profil to determine if she can match your salary expectations. This field is not compulsery, you are free not to fill it.

Position you are searching for: This information allows us to match your profil with the needs of the companies belonging to our network.

Inscription form to an event:

Name, First name, Civility: This information will allow us to make a subscription list for the event. 

Email: Your email will allow us to send you different information linked to the event. For example, your inscription confirmation, reminders, a report on the event or also a satisfactory event. 

Name of your company, position: This information is allowing us to know more about your profil and why you are interested in our event. Moreover some events may be reserved to a well defined category of persons or dedicated to a particular field of activity.


The data we collect throughout your visit on our website

We collect data regarding your visit on our website. The data are allowing us to optimise our contents and to improve your customer experience. The data collected are all anonymous and global, we do not collect IP adresses. They are gathered through the cookies left in your browser when you enter our site. 

In order to know more about the cookies left during your visit, you may follow this link.

If you wish to remove the cookies left on your device and program your browser to refuse them, you may do it through the preferences of your internet browser. These options of browsing usually are in the menus "Option", "Tools", "Preferences". 

Please note that if you desactivate the recording of cookies on your device, some parts and features of the internet site may not be working correctly. 

To know more you can click on the links below:

The data allow us to know more on the customer experience on our site and allow us to upgrade our contents and the quality of the delivered service. The data are completly anonymous, meaning that we have no possibility to link an action on our website to the person appointed. 


Sensitive data

We do not collect sensitive data. In other words data linked to racial or ethnic origin, to political, phylosophic or religious opinions, to trade union membership, to health, and to sexual orientation. 


Networking plateform

The networking plateform of our private space is strictly reserved to the Chamber's members. 

If you are a Chamber's member, you have at your disposal different tools to manage the information that will appear in the directory as well as in the module to link people:

You can choose to appear or not in the directory as a contact: If you do not want to appear, no mention will be published in the directory. You will not have access to the networking tool.

You can choose to be put in relation or not: If you have decided to be visible in the directory but you do not wish to be connected from the networking tool, only your picture and name will appear in the contact list of the directory. No contact information will be published, whoever is the user. In this case, you will not get contact information from the other members.

In the case where you do not participate in the networking tool: Only your picture, your name and your position will appear in the directory. The other member will have access to a contact button in order to get your contacts. However they will get them only if you accept the establishment of relation. Without your consent, nobody can access your contact information.


Where are stored your personnal data ?

All the data that we are collecting are stored physically in France. We are working with two French service providers in the frame of data storage (storage, segmentation then communication)

  • Eudonet for our soultion of eCRM:
    Adresse : 11 Avenue Dubonnet | 92400 COURBEVOIE | FRANCE |
    Link to their confidentiality policy.
  • Sendinblue for our emailing solution:
    Adresse : 47 rue de la Chaussée d’Antin | 75009 PARIS | FRANCE |
    Link to their confidentiality policy.


Personnal data transfer outside the European Union

In the case of an information request for a project of implementation in a country, we may be asked to transfer the data to the concerned Chamber that can be settled in a country outside the European Union and not being part of the countries judged appropriate by the European authorities in the field of data protection policy. 

However the transfer will not happen without your consent. You will be inform on the form when required. 


What are your rights ?

Right of portability

You can ask from us a sum up of all your personal data that we own. 

To be noted that we will ask you to justify your identity in order to for you to get access to this information. In case of postal mailing, administrative costs will be at your charge. 

Right to rectification

You have the right to obtain rectification of your personal data if they are inaccurate. Moreover, you have the right for your incomplet personal data to be completed by sending us a complementary declaration. 

Right to oblivion

At any time you can ask us to remove your personal data. Your request will be treated as soon as possible and will be removed if their treatment is not necessary to the following cases: 

  • To respect a legal obligation that is requiring the treatment expected by the Union right or by the Member State's right to which the treatment is subjected to, or to execute a public interest's mission or in the excise of official authority vested in the controller.  
  • For the establishment, excercise of defence of legal claims.

For all our messages sent by mail, you have the possibility to unsubscribe of our diffusion list from the unsubscribe button appearring in the message.  

For any of this claims you can contact us to the following address: 


Modification of our rules linked to the protection of private life

CCI France INTERNATIONAL can update regulary its confidentiality policy. In case of substantial modification, a notification will be written on the Internet site with a link to our updated confidentiality policy. 

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