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“Angina Awareness Initiative” Servier

Conference and awarness campaign on angina.

“Angina Awareness Initiative” Servier

4th April 2019


April was announced as a month of Angina worldwide.

SERVIER is a leading partner in cardiology, supporting the “Angina Awareness Initiative" of ESC Working Group on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy in 54 countries worldwide  including Georgia.

4th of April at “Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace” was arranged launching conference of the project “Do not ignore the heart messages” locally supported by Georgian Association of Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention and Rehabilitation.

Can the treatment of angina be improved? This question merits careful consideration because angina is often the initial manifestation of coronary artery disease (CAD), the most frequent cause of death worldwide today, and has been shown to double the risk of major cardiovascular events. Approximately one-third of outpatients with chronic CAD suffer from angina, while 30% of patients continue to experience angina symptoms as early as one month after revascularization.

From a health economics perspective, angina represents a major burden on society. It also has negative impact on quality of life and leads to a 3-fold higher risk of disability, a 1,5-fold higher risk of job loss, and 4-fold higher risk of depression. Despite these alarming figures, angina is routinely underrecognizes by physicians. This means that many patients do not receive appropriate treatment, resulting in poor control of their condition.

Angina Awareness Initiative aim to

- raise awareness among physicians of the need for optimal medical therapy in patients with angina pectoris

- actively engage patients in the management of angina

- make management of angina a global health priority

During launching conference president of Georgian Association of Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention and Rehabilitation – Dr. Zurab Klimiashvili and General Manager of SERVIER Georgia – Maia Khetsuriani encourage invited leading specialists of Georgia to help promote well-resource information about the health risk and way to prevent them. Also, to raise awareness among with coronary heart disease of symptoms and available treatment and to increase effectiveness of treatment.   


Let’s get angina under control and improve patient’s well-being.

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