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Beaujolais Nouveau

Celebration of the Beaujolais Nouveau ! The occasion to enjoy a French meal with French wine.

Beaujolais Nouveau

16 November 2016


   On November 16, the UFE (Union des Français à l'étranger) and the CCIFG organised the Beaujolais Nouveau ! The French community as well as the CCIFG's members were present to enjoy a friendly moment at Tartine.

   The Beaujolais Nouveau is a yearly French celebration that is taking place (usually) the third Thursday of November.

   The story of the Beaujolais Nouveau starts in 1951. A decree was published saying that the producers were not allowed to sell under the label "controlled designation of origin" until the 15 December 1951. Howether the winemakers wanted to sell before this date. The request was accepted for some wine to be sold before December 15th. The Beaujolais Nouveau was borned. 

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