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Cito Medical Center laboratory proposes PCR Covid-19 tests

PCR Covid-19 tests

Cito Medical Center laboratory  proposes PCR Covid-19 tests.

Samples are gathered with an accredited nasopharyngeal swab, and are being placed in a UTM® (Universal Transport Medium for Viruses) in accordance with the CE and FDA Standards.

Transportation of the samples are done via Cold Storage in accordance with International (WHO) directives and specially trained and equipped Dispatch group will visit each patient at the place of their liking.

Pricing and Delivery


Standard results are reported in a maximum of 24h.

Emergency Requests , maximum 12 h.


Prices are as follows:

Standard -           160 Gel

Emergency -       200 Gel


Testing requests can be sent to the Following Channels:



+995 322 290 671

(09:00-18:00) Monday thru Saturday

Email Request:



For Planned and Emergency Testing:

George Saldadze

General Manager

+995 551 414 414



Nino Bakuradze

Clinical Manager

+995 599 100 864




Download CMC_-_ANAB-ISO15189_Y-19-20_Full.pdf  (PDF • 317 KB) Download CMC_-_ANAB-ISO15189_Y-19-20_Short.pdf  (PDF • 93 KB) Download CMC_-_GAC-ISO15189_Y-19-23_Full.pdf  (PDF • 760 KB) Download CMC_-_SAIGLOBAL-ISO9001_Y-20-23_Full.pdf  (PDF • 232 KB)
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