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Convention for the Association Conférence Olivaint

Convention on the Georgian economy

Convention for the Association Conférence Olivaint

10 May 2019


On May 10, the CCIFG organised a convention in order to present the Georgian economy, politicial, social and judicial context to the Association Conférence Olivaint


Conférence Olivaint


Official information from their website

Founded in 1874, the Olivaint Conference is one of the oldest student associations in France.

It offers young students and graduates of the grandes écoles and higher education an associative framework allowing them to deepen their political reflection and improve their communication skills. It offers them the opportunity to invest in a citizen project, humanistic and participative, different from the partisan commitment. Generations of personalities of political, economic or cultural life, of all profiles and all horizons, have passed through his ranks and remain faithful to him.

Created by the Jesuit Fathers, the Conference spread its influence very early on beyond Catholic circles. In 1968, she was secularized. It is characterized by its independence from any political party and any philosophical or religious obedience, by its openness, but also by its fidelity to its tradition, a reflection of its long and rich history.

Association according to the law of 1901, the Olivaint Conference brings together in a single legal personality its branch "Young" and its branch "Old". Students and young professionals find themselves in the "Youth" branch. After spending two or, at most, three years, the "Young Olivaints" who wish can be admitted to the "Ancients".




During the convention, the speakers presented different aspect of Georgia:

  • Mr. Antoine Bardon, President of the CCIFG introduce the historical context to the participants mentionning the different steps Georgia took towards its modernisation and its will for integration with the European Union.
  • Mrs. Ioulia Sauthier, Chef of the Economic department at the French Embassy, mention the economic climate in Georgia as well as the development of the French-Georgian relations.
  • Mrs Téa Tsulukiani, Justice Minister informed about the legal environment in Georgia and the reforms put into place to match the European standards.
  • Mr. Regis Genté, journalist and writter, spoke about the political aspects of Georgia and the region of Abakhazie and South Ossetia.

Then members of the French chamber evoqued their personal and professional experiences.

  • Mr. Jacques Fleury as an investor in Georgia
  • Mr. Jean-Michel Charles, as the founder of the bakery chain 'Entrée'
  • Mr. Philippe Lespy, as a wine maker in Georgia for 11 years.
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