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Empowering Voices: Celebrating Women's History Month

As part of the initiative launched by the French Ambassador to Georgia, the CCIFG visited a shelter for victims of domestic violence, run by the NGO Anti Violence Network of Georgia with the support of UN Women.

As we celebrate Women's History Month, let's honor the incredible achievements of women past and present.

Let us use this time to reflect on progress made toward gender equality and to reaffirm our commitment to creating inclusive environments where women can excel professionally and personally.

To build stronger, fairer societies, we must ensure that the rights of women are safeguarded, and that women have an equal seat at the table, an equal voice and agency in economic, political, and social life.

We need public and private investment to drive women’s inclusion across all sectors of the economy and to actively address all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls. Closing gender employment gaps, ensuring fair wages, and formalizing women's informal work could significantly boost Georgia’s economy and lift women and their families from poverty.

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