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Evaluation of the macro economy and stability in Georgia

Economic exchange

Evaluation of the macro economy and stability in Georgia

28 March 2019


On March 28th, the CCIFG alongside Ioulia Sauthier, Chef of the Economic Department organised a meeting with the CCIFG's members around the theme: 'Evaluation of the macro economy and stability in Georgia'


The 2 hours’ Q&A session with the regional chief economist Thierry Borel, emphasized the good results of Georgia’s economic growth in 2018. In 2018, Georgian’s economy showed robustness and resiliency towards regional uncertainties and economic chocks. In front of this positive outlook, there are space for more improvement and inclusiveness.

Three directions were identified for further growth : strategic building of the ecosystems for diversification; passing the laws is not enough; building a knowledge society.

Reading between the lines, and during the debate, real weaknesses were identified as impediments for unlocking the growth such as judiciary system and redistribution and inclusiveness.

Thank you to all the participants.

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