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Expertise France

26 March 2019


On March 26, the CCIFG with Ioulia Sauthier, Chef of the Economic Service for Georgia and Armenia met with the Beata Suszterova in charge of the statistic department at Expertise France.


Expertise France was born 4 years ago from the merger between France Expertise International and Adetef. The entity is a public group of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
Expertise France' statistical service has bilateral cooperation with the French institute INSEE.

It conducts two types of cooperation with other entities:

  • Twinning projects
  • Multilateral projects


Two projects in the statistics sector are currently taking place in Georgia:

Twinning: Statistics Denmark won the tender jointly with Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO), Instituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT), and Statistics Lithuania.

-Multilateral financed by the European Union. The implementation of the project is totally delegated to Eurostat which is in direct contract with Expertise France. In contrast to the twinning project, this one has a regional approach.
This is the sixth project led by Expertise France in statistics. The project has a duration of 3 years and began in January 2019.
The budget is EUR 4.7 million and covers the countries of the Eastern Partnership area. 6 projects in 6 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The purpose of the mission is to define what kind of assistance the project can provide to the national statistical system at the regional level.
From January to June, the phase will establish the gap analysis.

In each country, a local representative has been appointed to link the experts to the government. At the end of the first phase, they will be invited to Brussels and will attend the presentation of the priorities set by the experts. They will then have to approve the report.

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