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FRANCO-GEORGIAN commercial relations

Franco-Georgian trade is largely dominated by our exports.

FRANCO-GEORGIAN commercial relations


In 2017, French exports to Georgia continue to grow at a very fast pace (+ 44%) to 180.3M EUR. In particular, exports of airborne measurement and control equipment and industrial refrigeration equipment, which correspond to deliveries of major contracts in 2017, were multiplied by 12 and 10 respectively. In contrast, exports of lifting and handling, aircraft and hollow glass products, have contracted up to 51%.

Our imports also grew, but more modestly by 3.4% to EUR 35.7 million. Purchases of alcoholic beverages, which account for one-third of French imports, rose sharply by 71%, driven by Georgia's reception at the Bordeaux International Wine Fair; while traditional purchases of nuts fell by 70% following deliveries of very poor quality products.

In 2017, Franco-Georgian trade totaled EUR 216 million, by far the best result in 10 years.

The trade balance of France is very much in surplus

In 2017, the trade balance between the two countries continues to show a surplus balance in our favor (EUR + 144.6 million). This surplus has increased significantly since 2008, and even reached in 2017 its record level in very strong growth of 59.6% compared to 2016.

France goes back to Georgia's 6th European supplier, the evolution of Russia, China and Turkey are noteworthy

France's market share has slightly increased over the past three years, unlike its main European competitors. Its ranking among the European suppliers of Georgia, having been 7th in 2016 (1.65% of market share), rose to 6th place in 2017 with a share of 1.69% thanks to its exceptional performance in 2017.

France ranks behind Germany (5.43%), Italy (2.72%), Romania (2.39%), Bulgaria (1.95%) and the Netherlands (1, 94%) whose market shares decreased in 2017.

Our exports to Georgia are dominated by electronics and pharmaceuticals

En 2017, la France a principalement exporté des équipements mécaniques, matériels électronique et informatique (32,2%), des produits pharmaceutiques (23,2%) et des produits industriels et agro-industriels (17,6%).

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