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Gepha - Launching of French-Korean New Collection JOWAE

Entry of the French and Korean brand JOWAE on the Georgian market

Launching of the French-Korean New Collection JOWAE

Saturday 13th October


   On October 13th, our member Gepha celebrated the entry of the French and Korean brand JOWAE on the Georgian market. GPC is now importing and distributing the skincare product  of the brand. The brand JOWAE is borned from the collaboration of the French company Group Ales and Korean laboratories.


   The French Company Group Ales created in 1969 owns its laboratories that are creating beauty products worldwide. The group has been putting many efforts and investments in the Research and Development in order to procure to the final consumers more natural beauty products. They exchanged their knowledge with one other important country in the beauty sector: South Korea. Together they mixed the French knowledge of lumiphenols (regeneration of the skin) with the Korean medicinal and traditional plants to deliver a product containing 93% of natural ingredients. JOWAE is coming from the Korean world “harmony”.


   Our member is now importing and distributing the brand in Georgia. GPC belongs to the Georgian Healthcare Group, one of the major health groups in Georgia. They have 3 types of activity:

  • Health services with their hospitals and clinics,
  • Medical insurance
  • Pharmaceutical services that is the most important because it contributed to 59% of its turnover in 2017. GPC and Pharmadepot was bought over by the Group in 2017 and became the largest importer of medicaments in Georgia. Today thanks to its 255 shops through the country, GPC is a strong and well implemented partner on the local market, that other French brands already trusted.


   The beauty sector of Georgia is attracting more and more French brands because of the rise of salaries (6% in 2017), that allows the consumer to spend more on this type of products and also because French brands are synonym of quality. That is why the GPC group is constantly looking for new French brands to attract in order to fulfil the local market.


   GPC is very closed to the French culture by taking part in the different event organised by the country throughout the year, by being one of the first Georgian member to have joined the CCIFG and by having a Francophone team.


   H.E. The French Ambassador in Georgia, Pascal Meunier made the inaugural speech of the launching event. It was the moment to test and discover the new products and to enjoy a good time with all the persons concerned by the bio and natural beauty industry.


Below pictures of the event:

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