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 Gorgia LTD operates successfully over Caucasus region since 1998 in fields of Construction Materials and Household.

After 22 years of devoted working, today trading company Gorgia enrolls 10 branches, 2000 employees, 18 categories, 51 000 SKU in various classifications, the total commercial surface of 50 000 m2 and warehouse surface of 90 000 m2.

Gorgia works with more than 600 partners from all over the world and represents about 200 international manufacturers exclusively.

Gorgia offers to its customers the best value and multiple platforms of sales:

  • DIY market chain: 10 branches assists 25 000 customers every day, offering sales on more than 51 000 Building and Construction materials as well as a household product.
  • Lussoni (Premium segment shop) New and exciting interior show-room in Georgia, which offers luxury home improvement brands of outstanding quality.
  • Anta Development LTD is a subsidiary company of LTD Gorgia which is specialized in construction, renovation and development of constructing environment. The company’s main goal is to offer customers customer-oriented and convenient apartments with high quality.
  • GORGIA distribution sales  network includes about 2000 shops in all districts of Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. 
  • GORGIA Corporate sales cooperates with over 1500 companies in construction field.  


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