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GWS – Colours of Georgia !

Corporate celebration around the introduction of 3 new iconic wines.

GWS – Colours of Georgia

Saturday 23 June


   On June 23, the wine company GWS hosted its annual corporative party in order to share a friendly moment and also to introduce their 3 new iconic wines. The CEO Philippe Lespy and the Brand Ambassador Keti Kenkishvili organised it on theme “Baroque” and created a very unique atmosphere for their guests to enjoy themselves.

   The CCIFG was present with representatives of the French Embassy, including His Excellency the French Ambassador in Georgia Pascal Meunier.

Short presentation of GWS

   Georgian Wines 1 Spirits (GWS) was founded in 1993 from a winery created in 1970. Located in Telavi in Kakheti, GWS is now one of the largest Wines & Spirits groups in Georgia. Since 1999, the company put as a goal to increase the quality of its wine. Success was met, as GWS won over 200 prizes and awards in national and international competitions.

   The domain counts 400 hectares of vineyards as well as a wine-making and bottling facility. There are 7 identifies terroirs, each planted with different grape varieties.


The 3 iconic wines


   The wine comes from an exceptional parcel located at an altitude of 650 metres, facing East, on a slightly sloping, pebble-strewn terrain on two-metre(thick limestone subsoil.

   Temperatures that can reach 45)C in the summer. The stony soil absorbs the heat of the day and releases it at night, causing the grapes to mature ore rapidely than those in other nearby terroirs.

   The wine undergoes fermentation and maceration lasting an exceptionnaly long 41 days, as opposed to the traditional two weeks, which enables a more powerful and therefore flavourful, extraction.

   Ageing lasts 15 months


   This wine is produced from a sloped parcel located on the northern bank of the Alazani River and the Greater Caucasus foothills, at an altitude of 800 metres, with subsoil composed of clay and gravel, a bit of schist and six-metre-thick limestone subsoil.

   The differences in temperature between the night and day are substantial, with cooler nights fostering aromatics and freshness. This parcel is entirely planted with Saperavi, Georgia’s most emblematic grape, which yields here a deep, inky, powerful red wine naturally high in alcohol, tannins, and acidity, aged 15 months in casks.

   The wine undergoes fermentation and maceration lasting an exceptionally long 41 days, as opposed to the traditional two weeks, which enables a more powerful, and therefore flavourful, extraction.

   Ageing lasts 15 months.


   This wine has poetic origins, coming from the word “Vardisperi,” which refers to the rose. The vineyard literally translates as “the place where roses bloomed.”

   In an ancient riverbed, at an altitude of 600 metres, lies an eastward-facing parcel with a soil of stones and pebbles and a limestone subsoil. The dominant grape variety, Rkatsiteli, naturally brings minerality to the blend. Kakhuri Mtsvane contributes sweetness and roundness, while Kisi strengthens the blend with its highly aromatic properties.

   The wine undergoes barrel aging for 8 months with 6 months of aging on the lees, resulting in heightened complexity, body, and texture.


The illustrations adorning the labels were inspired by the glowing colours of the Georgian landscapes. Each swath symbolises a layer of quintessence: country, region, terroir, parcel.

   The vibrant chromatic harmonies of each label are at once organic, sensual, and evocative of the generosity and complexity that distinguish the wines and their terroirs.

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