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Kvesheti-Kobi- Tunnel section

Construction of 10km road section.

Kvesheti-Kobi- Tunnel section

5th February


On February 5th, the road department of Georgia reunited the different international institutions and international companies in order to present and announce the tender for the Kvesheti-Kobi Tunnel section.


The tender will be announced in the second half of February to build the Kvemo Kobi tunnel and all the interested parties will be able to get ready to participate in it.


The Kvemo Kobi section is part of the North-South corridor of transit importance.


Details of the section:


  • Section: 10 km
  • Single tube tunnel: 9 km
  • Emergency gallery: 9km
  • Diameter: main 15 m
  • Number of lanes: 2


Characteristics of the section:


This particular section has been defined as challenging for two main reasons:

-the intensity of the traffic (trucks and personal cars)

-the road safety: due to the mountain area and the weather conditions. Even in ideal conditions, users may have to stop on the road or in a tunnel.


So the aim is to create an uninterrupted and safe road. Instead of 1 hour, it will take 15 minutes to cover the distance. This way it will participate to the development of the ski station at Gudauri and increase the number of tourists.




The project is financed by the Asian Development Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.




Download Kvesheti-kobi_presentaion_05.02.19.pdf  (PDF • 475 KB)
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