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La Sade: 100th anniversary

Celebration for the 100th anniversary of SADE.

La Sade : 100th anniversary

10 October 2018


   On October 10th, our member SADE celebrated its 100th anniversary entering the very closed club of centenary French companies. The company gathered employees, clients and friends in order to share its success.


   The company firstly operated after the end of the 1rst world war when Paris was destroyed. Now SADE is operating in more than 20 countries. The activities in Georgia started in 2013 with the construction of pipelines in Mestia. In 2017, they decided to open a representative office to reinforce their position and to seize more opportunities.

   A major part of the event was dedicated to the acknowledgment of the employees and of their valuable work. Different men/women from different countries from different fields of activities gave their impression.

   Clients were also at the center because without their trust, the company would not be celebrating its 100th anniversary.

    In order to mark the occasion, SADE decided to ask many French artists to represent their activities through art. All the pieces are now exposed in the SADE museum: “The Museum of the century”

   The future is the digitalisation of the company. The digital is coming and there is a need for modernity and to construct with new ways thanks to the new technologies. Indeed, SADE needs to continue to adapt to its environment in order to add even more value to its clients and their business.

   For the occasion a new logo was introduced, putting the stress on the SADE workforce and their importance. A 3D representation of the logo was printed and is going to be present in every SADE office.

   The company will continue to look towards the futur with experience and enthousiasm.


   The event was followed by a dinner where the guests could enjoy typical Georgian food, look at Georgian dances,...


Below pictures of the event:

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