Meeting between CCIFG and the Georgian Arts & Culture Center

Discussion on the craft festival.

Meeting between the CCIFG and the Georgian Arts & Culture Center

16 March 2018


   The CCIFG received the Georgian Arts & Culture Center in order to discuss their new project for creative industries: how the development of the culture can economicly benefit the country.

   The Georgian Arts & Culture Center is a non profit organisation that has been operating for 22 years in the field of art and culture. Their missions are the preservation, the promotion and the sustainable use of Georgian Culture and Culture Heritage. They contribute to creating capacity for cultural sector, to the rising of public awareness and to the elaboration of cultural policy for Georgia.

   They have put in place two major events with the European Union. The first one started in 2013 and was a cultural program (ended in 2016) and the second one was a conference on "Heriatge Crafts : Common plateform for development". It was the first international forum in the South Caucasus dedicated to craft.

   The new program they want to put in place is to take a step further. The forum and the program were developped to help craftsman and create awareness in Georgia. Now they want to help any kind of creative industry to understand the economic part of the field. The program will be focused on supporting businesses in all the regions of Georgia. The aim in the long term is to create an export market. But firstly the goal will be to focus on the local market but among foreign tourists. This way it will create awarness abroad.

   The program consists on three points :

-Trainings: in order to give advise on the product development, on the packaging and also on the quality/ standards expected by the European countries.

-Business skills: focus on the marketing part. For example the use of e-plateform.

-Expositions: advise on the best way to arrange art in a exposition, which kind of exhibition must be put into place.

The Georgian Arts & Culture Center will publicly announce their program on April 12th.

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