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Meeting with Cofidis

Consumer credit business

Meeting with Cofidis

17 April 2019


On April 17, the CCIFG met with a representant of the French company Cofidis in order to get insights on the Georgian financial market.


Presentation of Cofidis

Official information Cofidis website

A specificity: the online sale of credits

Consumer credit specialist (personal loan, renewable loan, payment solutions and debt consolidation), Cofidis is major player in the field of consumer credit in France, with € 5,276 million in gross outstandings in 2017.

Created in 1982, Cofidis stands out from its origin by a new concept: the sale of credits exclusively by telephone. This specificity has allowed Cofidis to develop a unique know-how in the granting of credit and the personalised management of the customer relationship.

Since 1997, Cofidis is turning the corner on the internet with its first website and with its position as an online credit agency in development, an offer of credit online, a diversification of the means of contact offered to customers, in phase with etc. .)

Today: Cofidis is established in 9 European countries: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.


Discover the company Cofidis

With 2 million customers and 350 partners, Cofidis has been for 3 decades one of the main players in consumer credit in France.

A player strongly committed to supporting its customers, Cofidis relies on personalised advice, innovative tools and services and credit education to make consumers a player in their budget, informed and responsible.

Cofidis also contributes to the commercial dynamism of retail chains and e-commerce sites thanks to efficient and tailor-made solutions in terms of payment facilities: revolving credit, 4-star card,, Fraxio, 3XCB and personal loan.

Cofidis is an actor capable of demonstrating true multi-channel know-how: VAD, Internet, store also thanks to its capacity to design for its partners customized products and services, adapted to the expectations, needs, and profiles of each client .

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