New Member – Cafés Richard

Adhesion of the French Brand Cafés Richard to the Chamber

New Member – Cafés Richard

The CCIFG is very proud to announce that adhesion of the

French Brand Cafés Richard to the Chamber !


Cafés Richard is a traditional French roaster maison that was founded in 1892 and that is a renowned landmark internationally. The famous brand is associated with the Parisian and French “style de vie” and with its cafes, bistorts and restaurants. This maison is family owned for 3 generations.

At the beginning they were focused on the wine industry. In 1955 one of the son of the fonder created the roasting activity. The second son then joined also the adventure and together they made the café activity a full-time entity. In 2000, the company opened the “Comptoirs Richard” boutiques creating visibility on the different products of the brand. In 2005, the company went international by exporting in Asia, in the Middle East, in America… and open the 1rst Coffee-Brasserie de Cafés Richard out of France, in Malaisia.


The brand made the choice of the Georgian market from January 2015


Lovers of coffee can now test on the Georgian market:

·       Blends

-Réserve Richard: 100% Arabica

Sweetness and aromas characterise this French roasted blend composed of the finest Arabica coffees. A special reserve to seduce the amateurs of balance blends.

-Café d’Oro: 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta

The perfect expression of Italian roasting. A blend of the finest Arabica with touch of Robusta designed to create espresso of exceptional quality.

·       Espresso pods

-12 references 100% arabica

-A consistent & premium quality: 7gr coffee perfectly ground and tamped, packaged in a protective atmosphere.


Also, for lovers of Hot Chocolate:

-Non-dairy chocolate powder

-Powder mix for a hot chocolate “Ville de Paris

-Milk-base chocolate powder


Lovers of tea can also find their offer:

France is famous for its Flavoured tea also called Tea “à la Française”

-A large selection of 15 natural pr flavoured teas.

-The whole leaves from different origins are Meticously selected by their tea expert.


To be sure to experience correctly their products, the brand is offering “Le service à la Française”.

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