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Ombudsman Portal Presentation

Way of sharing economic issues for companies in Georgia.

Ombudsman Portal Presentation

28 June 2018


   On June 28, the Business Ombudsman of Georgia presented a new way of communication for companies to adress their issues.


Role of the Ombudsman


Its role is to be the intermediary between the public and the private sectors. He approaches the authorities in behalf of them to tackle issues and find solutions. 


New channel of communication: online platform


This platform is being launch for 2 main goals:

  • Introduce an efficient way to approach the ombudsman
  • Collect data on the main issues for more transparency and for creating awareness to the government.   

Presentation of the portal:


First the business should register on the page. The form is synchronised with the public registry to check the information given.

The data are protected by the law and by the system. The platform will also summarise all the actions taken by the Ombudsman: their responses and their recommendations.

They are targeting the “full transparency”.

They will publish an annual report on the statistics and the actions taken. 

Link to the page:

Actions already undertaken


    In the past 6 months, the bureau of the Ombudsman conducted 600 meetings with business (in collective or individuals) in Tbilisi and in the regions to gather insight on the issues.

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