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The CCIFG went to the International Forum in Lyon, France

The CCIFG represented Georgia at the International Forum in Lyon

The CCIFG went to the International Forum in Lyon, France

27th and 28th March 2018

    The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lyon organised on 3 days an international Forum in order to promote the export opportunities to small and medium entreprises. This is why the Forum began by conferences to help them to better understand the export market. First there was an introduction to international relations, then the testimony of some startups that became international and finally an explanation of the risk management by an expert of the COFACE.

    The Forum was created around the exchange between experts and companies. 70 French geographic and thematic experts were present. The CCIFG participated as an expert on the Georgian market. Georgia was the only country in the Caucasus represented. In the CEI countries, only experts from Ukraine and Bielorussia were present.

   This Forum was the occasion to introduce the avantages and drawbacks of Georgia and to discuss of the possible opportunities regarding the activity field of the companies. It was also the opportunity to create awarness around Georgia to companies that are already in the Ukrainian market. A workshop on the development of an activity in Ukraine was organised and it was the possibility to introduce Georgia and its will to turn to Europe.

   Companies in various field came and asked questions about Georgia : furniture, jewelry, medical, construction, technologies, ...

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