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Visit of Polimeri 1

Visit of a Georgian pipes' factory.

Polimeri 1

26 September 2018


   On September 2018, the CCIFG was invited to visit the Georgian factory Polimeri 1.

   The company was founded in 1985 and produced mainly small diameter polyethylene pipes and taps to supply the agriculture demand.

   In 2009, the company was equiped with 4 different diameter pipes resisting to high pressure for gas and water lines.

   In 2016, Polimeri 1 understood the need to be in accordance with the European standards, that is why they applied and successfully received the certificate ISO 9001 "Quality Management" that is a International recognised certification.

   2017 was a new step for the Georgian company as they expanded their production and started the manufacturing of sewage and drainage systems.

   As of today the company is offering

  • polyethylene pipes of European quality for water and gas line from 20 mm to 630 mm
  • as weel as corrugated pipes for sewage system from 63mm to 800 mm.

   Polimeri 1 is also owning its Test Laboratory where the product quality is tested. For exemple after production, the pipe is submitted to a certain pression during 24 hours in order to check its resistant properties.


Below pictures of the visit:

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