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The Strategic Communications Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

• Latest news and practical information on the prevention of COVID-19

The Strategic Communications Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia complied information about the latest developments officially announced by the Georgian authorities as the part of the efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.


15-17 March 2020

  • On 17 March, the Prime Minister informed media about the latest decisions of the Interagency Council
  • Operation of routed taxicabs is suspended in both in the capital and regions, as well as inter-city routes; municipal transport and subway will operate subject to strict disinfection protocol on daily basis;
  • Operation of sports arenas and spa centers have been restricted;
  • Issued strong recommendation to the citizens aged over 70 to stay in self-isolation - Ministry of Economy and National Mail Service have been instructed together with Ministry of Health to set up a mechanism that will offer essential routine services to the socially vulnerable and pensioners aged over 70;
  • The Governors, together with the respective public institutions, are responsible for the regional execution of the decisions adopted by the Government of Georgia regarding COVID-19 influx prevention.
  • Georgia imposed restrictions on the entry of foreign nationals. The restrictions came into force on 18 March 2020, 00:00 and will remain effective for two weeks.

    The restrictions apply to any foreign national except:
  1. Representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited to Georgia and their family members;
  2. Mixed families where one of the spouses or their under-age child is a citizen of Georgia;
  3. Persons arriving in Georgia as part of humanitarian mission – if trip of such mission (doctors, volunteers) to Georgia becomes a necessity;
  4. Individuals who have been granted the status of stateless person by respective authorities of Georgia.
  5. Individuals holding status-neutral travel documents;  
  6. Individuals having a refugee status in Georgia;
  7. The issue of official delegations will be decided on a case-to-case basis.  

Schedule of international flights operating to Georgia is available at the official web-site of the Georgian MFA and is subject to regular update


  • Persons travelling to Georgia are able to request self-isolation through filling our relevant form 3 days prior to their arrival  (only available in Georgian)
  • The National Food Agency issued recommendations on novel coronavirus for foodservice operators.
  • On 17 March, 22 persons transferred to quarantine zones for violating rules of self-isolation. At this stage, 71 persons in total are placed at the quarantine zone for violating rules for self-isolation.
  • Operation of “Rike-Narikala” cableway is suspended as a preventive measure of COVID-19 spread.   (only available in Georgian)
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